5 Easy Steps to Reduce the Risk of Cataracts

  • By:Dr. Katie Dugan

Cataracts are common among the older generations. But, just because this eye disease is common, it doesn’t mean that you will face a cataract diagnosis in the future. The risk varies among patients, and there are a few things that you can to do protect your eyes. Follow these important tips to decrease your risk of cataract development:

  1. Change Your Diet: The foods that you eat will have an impact on your eyesight and your overall health. Focus on nutrient-dense ingredients, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, seeds, and nuts. These foods provide antioxidants that help to reduce the risk of many diseases.
  2. Invest in Good Sunglasses: Choose sunglasses that offer UV protection. It has been found that increased UV exposure might have an impact on the development of cataracts.
  3. Blood Sugar Management: Did you know that patients with diabetes have a higher risk for many eye diseases, including cataracts? Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes, you can make healthier choices to avoid fluctuations in your blood sugar levels. Focus on high-fiber foods. Also, stay away from processed sugar found in soda, cookies cake, and other desserts.
  4. Stop Smoking: The risk of cataracts goes up in patients who smoke cigarettes. Researchers are still learning more about the connection between smoking and cataract development. But, early information shows that the risk of cataracts might double if someone smokes.
  5. Minimize Steroid Use: Certain types of corticosteroid medications might affect the development of cataracts. Talk to your doctor about minimizing the use of oral steroids if possible.

In addition to these lifestyle changes, it is also important that you visit an eye doctor on a regular basis. These eye exams are essential to detect all eye diseases, including cataracts. Early detection offers the best possible results for the future. An experienced optometrist can help you protect your vision and eyesight.

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