Dr. Katie Dugan

People across the nation are practicing “social distancing” as a way to minimize the spread of COVID19. This change in daily activities can help to manage the pandemic, but individuals need to consider how staying at home will impact other areas of their health. For example, many people are spending more time looking at digital […]

Age-related macular degeneration (commonly known as AMD) is a progressive eye disease that usually affects people in the later years of life. The macula is the portion of the eye that manages the clarity of central vision. When you have a healthy macula, it is easy to see faces, read, distinguish between different colors, drive, […]

Do you have the goal to improve your vision in the New Year? January is a time when many people are setting personal resolutions, with a commitment to improve specific areas of their lives. If you are tired of wearing glasses and contacts each day, then you might set a goal to invest in LASIK […]

Do you find yourself reaching for medication frequently because of a throbbing headache that doesn’t seem to go away? You can push through the pain, but it can be frustrating to know that the headaches will keep coming back. If you want to feel good in the future, now is the time to identify the […]

Some vision loss issues are minor and can be easily corrected with the use of corrective lenses. But there are times when vision loss progresses to the point where it is categorized as visual impairment. At this point, the treatment options are limited and a person needs to learn how to function in everyday life […]

Planning Halloween costumes can be a fun and engaging activity to prepare for the holiday parties and festivities happening this month. What are you planning to wear this year? Whether you are designing an individual costume or planning a theme for the family, it is a great project to find the right costumes, makeup, accessories, […]

Anyone who suffers from frequent and persistent headaches and migraines knows that this problem can interfere with every part of life. While a general physician might be able to help with these symptoms, don’t overlook the possibility of finding relief by identifying and treating eye problems. Sometimes, headaches are caused by environmental or overuse factors […]

When it’s back to school time, there’s a lot to be done to get the kids ready for the school year. From purchasing school supplies to getting new clothes, everything needs to be done before the bell rings on the first day back! But have you scheduled an appointment to check how your children’s eyes […]

A diabetes diagnosis not only affects your dietary choices and medications, but blood sugar instability can have a domino effect on many aspects of your health. As the occurrence of diabetes is growing in the United States, so is the risk of blindness. It’s been found that diabetes is the top cause of blindness for […]

Wearing glasses not only helps to improve your vision, but the right pair of frames can also be used as a fashion statement. If you wear glasses, it is essential that you consider the way the frames look on your face. There’s no question this accessory can have an impact on your appearance, which means […]