Back to School: It’s Time to Schedule Eye Exams

  • By:Dr. Katie Dugan

When it’s back to school time, there’s a lot to be done to get the kids ready for the school year. From purchasing school supplies to getting new clothes, everything needs to be done before the bell rings on the first day back! But have you scheduled an appointment to check how your children’s eyes are doing?

Children’s vision can change rapidly over the course of a few months. And not only children, but teenagers and college-age students as well. During the growing years, vision can change faster than almost any other time in life. This reality of growing up can really affect a child’s ability to do well in school.

Vision is Critical to Student Success

Students of all ages depend on their ability to clearly see the material they are being taught. Whether they are trying to read something at their desk or on a whiteboard at the front of the classroom, they must be able to see it clearly. A student’s learning and growth can be significantly hindered if they cannot see the presentation, both near and far.

Poor vision can cause a student to fall behind in their schoolwork, affecting their self-esteem and slowing their skill acquisition. They may become frustrated and exhibit behavioral issues related to their problem. If a student has never experienced good vision, they may not even know they have a vision problem in the first place! Even minor vision problems can lead students to experience headaches and eye strain in their studies. This too can hinder their ability to participate in the classroom and to follow through with their school and homework.

Schedule a Back-to-School Eye Exam

So, before your young scholars head off to school this year, bring them in for a quick eye exam. If it turns out there is a problem, you can help your child avoid a lot of struggle and difficulty. If their vision is doing great, that’s one less thing to worry about. Either way, you’ll give yourself the peace of mind that you are setting your kids up for school success.

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