Reduce the Risk of Dementia with Brain Training

How to Reduce the Risk of Dementia with Brain Training

  • By:Dr. Katie Dugan

Dementia is a difficult disease for the individual and the entire family, especially as the disease progresses into the later stages. A quick search online will show some suggestions for reducing the risk of dementia, but how do you know which methods actually work?

Brain Training to Reduce Dementia Risk

The best method is to find a technique that is backed by research data. Recently, researchers discovered that it is possible to slow the risk of dementia by strengthening the speed at which an individual processes visual information. In fact, this research study showed that it was possible to decrease the risk of dementia or cognitive decline by as much as 50%!

Several groups were studied by researchers, and one of the groups was given training that was focused on speeding up the process that the brain uses to pick up cues in the person’s field of vision. It has been found that the visual processing speed tends to decline with age. When participants engaged in these types of activities, they had a lower risk of cognitive decline ten years later.

Long-Term Benefits of Brain Training

This new research suggests that the benefits of brain training can be helpful many years after the treatment was administered. If you want a way to reduce the risk of dementia and avoid the side effects of other suggested treatments, then you should talk with an experienced professional about vision therapy.

The trends of this research study showed sizable differences in cognitive aging for the groups of participants that did the brain training. The risk went down even more if the participants did at least one refresher class after the initial training was complete.

Vision therapy is an effective, non-invasive way to boost brain processes. It has been found that vision therapy can be used for different reasons. We have two offices that offer vision therapy and other services, and we invite you to contact our experienced team to learn more. We are here to answer your questions and help with your vision therapy goals.

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