Vision Therapy for School Kids

Summer Vision Therapy Treatments: Prepare Your Child for a New School Year

  • By:Dr. Katie Dugan

In the classroom, it is important for a child to have clear vision and great communication so that they are equipped to learn the principles that are being taught. If a child is experiencing impaired vision or other issues that make it difficult to focus on things in the room, then it is possible that they could be facing delayed development and other learning problems.

As a parent, you need to be proactive to understand how you can support your child to maximize growth and education in the classroom. Often, the students have teachers and other school resources to support the learning plan. But, these efforts can fall by the wayside when school gets out for the summer. Is there anything that you can do during the summer to prepare your child for the new school year?

Visual Skills and Focus

It might be surprising to learn that many problems in school are caused because of vision problems. Kids are required to use many visual skills in the classroom, including eye movement, focusing, near and far vision, hand-eye coordination, and eye teaming. Without these essential visual abilities, it can be difficult to keep up with the teacher or focus on the activity. In many cases, these problems can lead to restlessness, fatigue, and behavioral issues.

The best thing that you can do is ensure that your child has the visual acuity and the ability to focus on the lesson. If necessary, Vision Therapy is a great treatment to consider because it can help to resolve a variety of problems that could be negatively impacting the learning experience of the student.

How Can Vision Therapy Help?

Vision Therapy is a unique treatment that can be used to retrain the eyes and build the basic skills that are needed for learning and development. If you are concerned about your child because of behavior problems or developmental delays, you should consider scheduling a consultation with a Vision Therapist to see if these treatments can help. Exercises can be used to teach new behaviors and strengthen the eye muscles so that your child can process information in the right way.

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