eye diseases

Age-related macular degeneration (commonly known as AMD) is a progressive eye disease that usually affects people in the later years of life. The macula is the portion of the eye that manages the clarity of central vision. When you have a healthy macula, it is easy to see faces, read, distinguish between different colors, drive, […]

A diabetes diagnosis not only affects your dietary choices and medications, but blood sugar instability can have a domino effect on many aspects of your health. As the occurrence of diabetes is growing in the United States, so is the risk of blindness. It’s been found that diabetes is the top cause of blindness for […]

Whether you enjoy a day surfing at the beach or you like to swim laps for exercise in the pool, it is important that you protect your eyes when you are in the water. Summer is a season when people often spend more time outside in the water, but don’t let your guard down regarding […]

How much time do you spend looking at a digital screen each day? A large portion of the population works at a computer or uses a screen throughout the day, making computer eye strain an increasing problem. It is estimated that 90% of the people who work at computers are affected by Computer Vision Syndrome […]

When an eye is itchy and red, most people assume that it is a pink eye infection. While this eye disease is quite common, there are also other health conditions that might cause similar symptoms. Before you jump to conclusions, it is important that you learn more about pink eye. Then, you can talk with […]