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As you are setting New Year’s resolutions, have you considered any goals that will impact your visual health? January is often a time when people commit to improving themselves in the new year. Here are a few goals that you might add to your resolution list so that you can protect your vision this year: […]

In the classroom, it is important for a child to have clear vision and great communication so that they are equipped to learn the principles that are being taught. If a child is experiencing impaired vision or other issues that make it difficult to focus on things in the room, then it is possible that […]

Comfort is one of the biggest concerns of people making the transition from single vision lenses to progressive lenses. If you are currently wearing glasses for distance or nearsighted vision correction, then there might be a point when your eye doctor suggests a transition to progressive lenses as your eyes change. These lenses can be […]

ADHD is a growing concern among the population, and many parents feel helpless trying to figure out how to support their child with ADHD. Typically, treatments involve the use of medication, although some doctors might make other suggestions to manage the symptoms. As a parent, it is important for you to understand that there are […]

Researchers have been working hard to identify the cause of dyslexia so that an effective treatment program can be implemented. If your child has been diagnosed with dyslexia, then it is essential that you talk with an experienced eye doctor about how Vision Therapy can help. Eye Movements and Dyslexia Many people don’t think about […]

Dementia is a difficult disease for the individual and the entire family, especially as the disease progresses into the later stages. A quick search online will show some suggestions for reducing the risk of dementia, but how do you know which methods actually work? Brain Training to Reduce Dementia Risk The best method is to […]

Anytime you are suffering from a medical condition; it is essential for the doctor to diagnose the problem before a treatment plan is created. As with other medical conditions, it is important to get the right diagnosis for vision problems to put together the best treatment plan. There are a variety of treatments that can […]

When a problem develops with the muscular structure in the body, it is common for physical therapy to be used to treat the problem and bring strength and flexibility back into the body again. These same principles can be used for the eyes as well, by implementing certain visual activities that are designed to strengthen […]