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Some vision loss issues are minor and can be easily corrected with the use of corrective lenses. But there are times when vision loss progresses to the point where it is categorized as visual impairment. At this point, the treatment options are limited and a person needs to learn how to function in everyday life […]

Wearing glasses not only helps to improve your vision, but the right pair of frames can also be used as a fashion statement. If you wear glasses, it is essential that you consider the way the frames look on your face. There‚Äôs no question this accessory can have an impact on your appearance, which means […]

If you are exhausted at the end of a long day, then it might be tempting to skip your regular routine with the care of your contact lenses. But, failing to follow the common contact lens care tips could result in an eye infection or potential injury to your eye. So, you need to be […]