Personalized PALs for Improved Comfort

The Benefits of Personalized PALs for Improved Comfort

  • By:Dr. Katie Dugan

Comfort is one of the biggest concerns of people making the transition from single vision lenses to progressive lenses. If you are currently wearing glasses for distance or nearsighted vision correction, then there might be a point when your eye doctor suggests a transition to progressive lenses as your eyes change. These lenses can be comfortable and practical, but the trick is to choose the right type of lens for your eye.

The Comfort of Personalized PALs

Recently, a study was conducted with 51 people to determine the comfort of personalized Progressive-Addition Lenses (PALs). In this study, it was found that 82% of the participants preferred personalized PALs over conventional PALs.

The researchers matched the lenses to the preferences of each person, customizing the softness of gradients, sizes, and positions of viewing zones. Subjective ratings were used to look at the smoothness of the blur gradient, viewing zone width, distortion, and the experience of safety while wearing the lenses. The goal was to measure the overall comfort of wearing the lenses.

Satisfaction Wearing Personalized PALs

The results of the study showed that people were generally satisfied with both conventional and personalized PALs. But, the personalized lenses were significantly better for overall adaptation and comfort. Many participants also rated the personalized lenses as much more comfortable overall compared to the conventional products.

Choosing Corrective Lenses for You

If it is time for you to start wearing vision correction lenses or you are thinking about making a change, then the best thing that you can do is talk to your optometrist for more information. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach with glasses, giving you the opportunity to choose the lenses that will be the right fit to match your needs.

There are various types of frames and lenses that are offered, and certain products need to be worn with specific eye conditions. So, your doctor can make recommendations about the lenses that will be the right match for your needs.

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